now kirlian modelo 2000-F, and 2000F5  SEE PRICE HERE

after-dinner KE-2000 or 2000-E
KEMS-2000 or 2000-EMS of handbag
KEM-2000 or 2000-EM of suitcase

The magazine CICI will be able to see articles related with the topic kirlian, use, handling, utility, etc., for it chops it in the final index of our web, to go to the index of the magazine CICI, once there he/she will be able to select apart from many other articles articles on the topic kirlian, radionica, and many other, as well as galleries of pictures kirlian. We pass then to present him our three models of cameras kirlian as well as their respective prices, all our you scheme they are subject to improvements without previous warning, as well as in exchange for price.. This it paginates we have included a series of pictures that you scheme them as of the aura of objects and of fingers, it took a little in loading but it is worthwhile..



camera after-dinner basic kirlian, is composed of the following elements.

General characteristics, (all you scheme them the they include.)
Robust machinery, it can work many hours without recalentamiento problems. It schemes ideal for investigators, professionals, doctors, etc. Like all our you scheme kirlian they are subject to improvements in a cash way, for what schemes it that you acquire it can take but qualities and technical improvements that the described aqum.  This machine can be used such which, with her one can see the aura in direct without necessity of pictures, but they can be carried out pictures in dark room using diverse types and formats of movies, as page, rolls of 35 mm, 120, 127, etc. ,  even photographic paper.
La  2000-E, is the evolutionary result of the models 2000-A, 2000-B, 2000-C and 2000-D, the models finished in M are equal to suitcase or maletmn,  in this case I finish the 2000-EMS.  The camera kirlian 2000-E they can be added devices LUZ DMA type polaroid, and 35 mm that is to say in passing movie universal, as well as optional electrode of glass for videotape recording and to see the aura for the later part in direct, but it advances we will describe each device for separate as well as optional devices to facilitate the work well are with this model or with the other ones two.

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foto de una kdm-2000, la kem-2000 es
          similarThe picture belongs at kdm-2000 o'clock, at the moment it is kem-2000,  o'clock the alone technical changes they affect to the interior machinery, the external presence is similar to the previous pattern..

KEM-2000 --note:descatalogado

The camera kirlian KEM-2000 goes installed in suitcase completely configured for the same one, we expose all that incorporates then this it schemes. The suitcase has been built expressly for this it schemes, for what is part to integrate in the same one. On the cover it takes a portadocumentos.

This camera Kirlian 2000-EM or KEM-2000 this prepared one for their use in laboratory, in field and places where electric connection doesn't exist, it works with 3 trunk piles, all the elements go kept inside the suitcase, the devices light day for picture they go hidden under the opaque electrode, and the glass electrode goes hidden in the cover, covered by the one documents that it takes, behaves it is simply thrown of the and we take out the glass electrode and we connect it in the connectors that are beside the opaque electrode, with this camera you can use the two electrodes at the same time.



The KEMS-2000  with their little weight, we can say that it authenticates it portatil  of all them, ideal to leave trip, to make visits to home, etc.. integrated in handbag type briefcases, nobody imagined that inside the same one a camera kirlian exists, it is served as series with the device of 35 mm, and I lower you demands it can include the device polaroid for instantaneous picture, as well as it carries optional piles. Each option bears an increment in the price, choose the combination that but it considers appropriate for its necessities. The dipositivo polaroid depending on the pattern existente  and available he/she rots to go or not inside the handbag, for example the pattern 600 doesn't fit, if the the 100 and the pattern 500
energy concentradores, in this case this it is not been worth
Energy   concentrador, this if it is been worth

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other configurations for kems-2000 o'clock, to add to the price the quantities that are indicated.

Opened handbag briefcases, la  kirlian is integrated as well as the electrode opaque multiuso  having more than enough space 35 mm  LUZ DAY'S dipositivo, optionally one can add the dipositivo LUZ DMA polaroid for instantaneous picture. The closings of the handbag are usually for key.

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ACCESSORY OPCIONALES     Some of these accessories already go included with the cameras kirlian 2000-EM and 2000-EMS. others don't go included with none of them. The devices of 35 mm and polaroid, instantaneous picture has its own ones you paginate, please to itch in the connections to see them, next we relate the devices for use in laboratory or to use diverse movies.
 ALGUNAS TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES OF OUR DEVICES AND CAMERAS KIRLIAN... the optional opaque electrode no device contains cables to be connected to the camera kirlian, this reduces the possible mishaps, and he/she makes of it schemes it kirlian a robust and strong apparatus as well as of the dispositivos,  the part but weak of the devices they are the connection cables, neither the devices light day, neither the following dispositivos  that make an appointment they use cables, as for the electrode opaque coast of two parts, one that is placed on the camera kirlian and another that unites with a cable to the optional opaque electrode, any cable to exception the earth electrode that you/they take all the cameras to see the aura of small objects and the net cable, is the only cables that our coast cameras kirlian, all the other devices are coupled automatically in the camera kirlian working immediately

alone in dark room.

With this device we can use rolls of 35 mm, 127, 120 and any other movie format in roll, the movie rolls are usually but cheap that the plane movie, for what becomes interesting their use. The device coast of two parts one that carries the spool, and another part that it picks up the movie, this way the pelmcula  is reguardada of possible reflections of the aura or of any veladura for the own aura in the event of tiing us, REMEMBER YOU THAT IN THIS CASE ONE WORKS since IN TOTAL DARKNESS without any type of light would veil the pelmcula,  with the movies of 127, 120 they can be carried out pictures of big things, leaves of plants, all the fingers at the same time, Concluded etc. the process the spool is rolled again in its spool and it is protected properly and it is sent to reveal indicating to the photographic laboratory that doesn't cut us the movie and that us the one of whole.

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for the cameras kirlian 2000-E and 2000-EMS

The glass electrode allows the filming with movie of great sensibility or with appropriate videotape cameras for signatures in full darkness, the videotape cameras should work to piles and the possible being they should be shielded since it can be given interferences due to the high frequency generated by the camera kirlian, it suits to use ZOO to come closer to the aura image generated by the kirlian.

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This device is not indispensable to see the aura in direct, and alone it should be used in extreme cases where a dark room is not possessed, since the ideal thing is a dark room to see the aura in direct, for example it can be used in a feria  or a store where people happen and see her aura, we remember that the eyes owe acostumbrares momentarily to the darkness, therefore this device although you/he/she will allow us to see the aura, you/he/she will never be the same thing that a dark room after accustoming the eyes to the darkness. This device this since preparation stops when you of the case de  the necessity to be used in places where to have a dark place is impossible, coast of kind of a box with a system that you can put the hand and for a finder to see the aura, it is placed above the camera kirlian and already this.

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Aware that a camera kirlian can be used to carry out test of materials, metals, leaves of plants, etc., we offer a test tip that it is connected to the taking of earth, this offers a high definition of the aura of the object to observe or that it will be photographed, NOT been WORTH FOR USE IN ALONE PEOPLE OBJETOS  OR SMALL ANIMALS AS INSECTS, ETC...

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devices LUZ DMA, see it is paginated following itching in the following connections, from there he/she will be able to return here later if he/she prefers it.


pedido    form can also write : in a direct way for but security. SHIPPINGS TO ANY PART OF THE WORLD, it stops outside of Spain the payments it can be made by means of credit card, it approves, etc., in this case my international distributor will be the one that carries out the whole delivery process and collection.